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A sure-fire seasonal sensation.

What's a Reindeer Story without a Reindeer? Meet Lux!

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Reindeer Story is an Adventure RPG! The Fate of Winter is in the balance in this Wintery Epic! Join Lux the Reindeer, Robin the Cuckoo Elf and Wendigo the Yeti as they face off against the handpicked minions of Jack Frost!

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A Six Chapter Wintery Epic...


Winter is fast approaching. Santa's Factory is ramping up production for the Holiday Season! Lux the Reindeer returning from Cringle Woods discovers a plot to attack Santa's Factory by a minion of Jack Frost...

Discover the duality of the powers of the Winter Reindeer Story!

Lux's adventure will take him to a variety of unique settings, Ride a snowmobile through the Snow Zone tundra! Enter the Knight Games tournament in Autumn Arena! Explore the micro-sized Toy Town, and more!

Each chapter delivers a story-filled scenario make friends with many friendly NPCs. Deliver a seasons beatings to Jack Frost's Elite Henchmen and gather the 6 Grand Presents needed to undo Jack's devious ambitions.

Wendigo loves to fight so he loves the gameplay!


In the overworld you run, jump and dash with Lux's Reindeer abilities. As you'll explore you'll be platforming, solving puzzles, rescuing Angels from peril and more!

In battle between the player and enemy is the Battle Zone! When the enemies attack you enter the battle zone! Move your character to avoid Attack! Master Zone Skills to strike the enemy during their own turn



Lux is a Deer with an urge to prove himself a hero, he idolises Santa Claus!

With a magical nose which colour reflects his mood he's an open book! Always trying to help. His tendency to exaggerate and oversell his accomplishments has few take him seriously. His greatest treasure is the medal he wears on his collar, gifted by Santa helping one foggy Christmas night...

Despite his silly demeanour Lux fights like a fierce Knight's Steed in battle! He can fight with his Horns, kick foes with his Hooves, and can use his nose to fire blasts of red hot light!

Robin is a hardworking Cuckoo Elf, smart and sharp!


Robin is a meticulous bird-like Cuckoo Elf who works in Santa's Workshop. Lux's best friend she's smart and sharp, She's always focused on her goals, often putting the world on her shoulders! Though she can tend to be dismissive of other's ideas. Her willingness to take all burdens and responsibility can cause her determined attitude to melt and become unstuck at an impasse.

Robin is a Red Mage to a T! She wield a Candy Cans Staff to strike foes! She can cast powerful offensive and healing magic! She can also sing songs to boost the party's spirits!


Wendigo is an edgy Pipsqueak of a Yeti and the son of the Abominable Snowman. He lives on Mount Faire Steppe where he trains himself in martial arts. He delights in fighting and proving himself the strongest! His fiery passion to often manifests itself a combative tone or rudeness towards those he does not respect.

Wendigo is a powerful Monk! He fights with his claws but also uses karate moves and meditative techniques to take down foes or enhance his abilities.

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