Mystery of Melody Memorial

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A melody to remember...


Embark on a musically enhanced journey filled with quirky characters and perilous paths! Follow Joseph and Angeli as they overcome many a trial and tribulation to uncover what waits for them at the famously mythical Melody Memorial.

  • Meet a surplus of characters brimming with personality!
  • Discover locales where all sorts of wonders and dangers await!
  • Solve puzzles, sing songs, and learn new abilities!
  • Laughs and emotions aplenty!

Mystery of Melody Memorial is being developed by Ryan Silberman. Feel free to check out his other games on Itch or Steam!


Meet the Main Characters!


Joseph Teddie is a homeless bear who's been traveling on foot since he was a kid. Why he has been doing this for such a long time, he cannot say by this point. He gets by via checking out the world he ventures through and singing with people that could use a hand. Melody Memorial is the place he has been yearning to go to, as he has a map that supposedly leads to it. But no one really knows the details of the place firsthand - it's only ever been written and speculated about.



◉ Singing

◉ Meeting new people


◉ Uncertainty

◉ Vultures

Favorite instrument:

◉ Ukulele (but he doesn't have one)

Angeli Lovely is a free-spirited bug who lives with her dad in a cabin nearby a swamp named Mezzo Marsh. She's also a local celebrity amongst the people there, as she always takes up the chance to sing on their stage. When she learns of Joseph's journey, however, she decides to join him and use this adventure to see the world beyond the swamp - much to her dad's dismay.


◉ Singing

◉ Reading books


◉ Her dad

◉ Isolation

Favorite instrument:

◉ Violin (but she's still learning how to play it)

Listen to Some Tunes!

These are just a few of the pieces that will be featured in the game's abundant chiptune soundtrack, composed by EbenezerBlue.

Breath of Fresh Air

Square Wave Dance

Warm Oatmeal Starship (Original composition by Rodney Alan Greenblat. Used with permission)

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April Fools' Minigame

Released on April 1, 2022, Joseph's Plate Smasher is an arcade-style appetizer for the gameplay of Mystery of Melody Memorial. Players can try out Joseph's hat-throwing ability and see how many points they can score within the time limit.


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